Not Bad For a Record is a small mail order record shop and here it’s all about vinyl .Carrying new and stock records and dedicated to the Dj  community, the shop is a selection of beautiful and sought after music on vinyl media, not only the most recent and buzzing releases but also classic and vintage records.

We also design, produce and sell Exclusive and Limited Vinyl Record Art, Clothing and Vinyl Care supplies. Some of our pieces, mostly in fact, are made of recycled vinyl records.We try to turn them into design, artistic or functional pieces, and with much love we give unused records a new beautiful life.

At Not Bad for a Record all music is loved and cherished for and you can find a wide variety of genres but we do have a special love for Electronica and Techno, House and Disco, Experimental and Psychedelic, Jazz and Funk.

I try to maintain a quality inventory and try to provide excellent costumer service we can so if you have any question at all please e-mail info@notbadforarecord.com.

For more information visit the FAQ’s page .