Abdou El Omari – Nuits D’Ete


Format – LP Album
Label – Radio Martiko
Genre – World Music


A1 – Rajaat Laayoun
A2 – Layali Saif
A3 – Afrah El Maghreb
B1 – Hind
B2 – Zifaf Filfada
B3 – Mawa’aid
B4 – Fatine

It’s rare to find an album that is a true outlier in its field, but Abdou El Omari’s seven-track debut, released forty years ago on the Moroccan label Disques Gam, can be considered as such.It immediately evokes excitement in the mind of any collector, especially given it’s price tag ,well in excess of €1,000 for an original pressing.


Moroccan musician Abdou El Omari was arguably one of the first composers to combine traditional North African music with contemporary Western styles. Amazingly, he only ever released one album: 1976’s much sought-after Nuits D’Ete Avec Abdou El Amari. Original copies of that set are notoriously hard to find (if you do score one, it would cost you nearly a grand) making this reissue something of a surprise treat. It’s a set of “Arab electronics” – a curious mixture of intoxicating organ motifs, Middle Eastern rhythms programmed on dusty early drum machines, quirky synthesizer melodies, and copious amounts of hashish-inspired tape delay. Even all these years on, it still sounds utterly bonkers, and is well worth further investigation.


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