Boards of Canada – Tomorrow’s Harvest


Format – 2XLP Album
Label – Warp
Genre – Electronic ; Experimental


A1 – Gemini
A2 – Reach For The Dead
A3 – White Cyclosa
A4- Jacquard Causeway
B1 – Telepath
B2 – Cold Earth
B3 – Transmisiones Ferox
B4 – Sick Times
B5 – Collapse
C1- Palace Posy
C2 – Split Your Infinities
C3 – Uritual
C4 – Nothing Is Real
C5 – Sundown
D1 – New Seeds
D2- Come To Dust
D3 – Semena Mertvykh

Boards of Canada have made a name for themselves with their etherel approach to electronics.
This is their fourth studo album.


“There’s a timeless thing in our environment,” Marcus Eoin of Boards Of Canada told theGuardian last week in a rare interview. “In an urban setting you can’t really escape being reminded of the current year, and music fashions and so on.” That the reclusive Scottish duo makes music off the grid shouldn’t come as a great surprise: since their classic 1998 debut, Music Has The Right To Children, Boards Of Canada have operated as a closed system, making music resembling very little but their own.

If you were going to level a complaint at the group, it’s that they’ve never left the world they’ve created for themselves. The music they’ve released since Music Has The Right To Children has been commendable, but how many times can you circle a private island? Their last full-length, 2005’s The Campfire Headphase, brought some new sounds into the fold, but it didn’t feel like a departure so much as a sending-off party, with guitars and major keys lifting them above the gloom and into the ether. Where they were heading, though, was anyone’s guess. As it turns out, they weren’t going anywhere: Tomorrow’s Harvest, their latest, takes another pass through the ghostly terrain they’ve traversed so many times before. Yes, terrifying bird chirps are back, and you’ll have a new list of seemingly random numbers to assign meaning to. But if they’re holding fast to the sound that made them legends, they’re also making the formula sound brand new. This latest dive into the fog drudges up some of the darkest, most paranoid and keenly focused music of their career.

Not Bad For a Record !

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