Etienne Jaumet – La Visite


Format – LP Album
Label – Versatile Records
Genre – Electronics ; Leftfield ; Techno


A1 – Metallik Cages
A2 – La Visite
A3 – The Dirty Part Of The Dust
A4 – Module Mou
B1 – Anatomy Of A Synthesizer
B2 – Stuck In The Shadow Of Your Love
B3 – Modern Jungle
B4 – Midnight Man

Etienne Jaumet’s s hypnotizing music and enchanting live performances put him directly on the map. His new album  brings a renewed mix of jazz, technoid electronics and cosmic sounds.


Etienne’s brand new album, more luminous and jazzy than its predecessor, has been composed and produced within a two month period in the Versatile studio. It became a piece of introspection, mentally as well as physically. In the title track, for which Flop wrote the text, we hear Etienne travelling through the inside of a body, Fantastic Voyage style.It is always surprising to see a record taking shape. Etienne would arrive at the studio without any precise idea in head, approaching his work rather intuitively. He works standing up, which brings a very different energy than being seated behind a computer polishing up every detail. He is in total mastery of his set-up, ready to capture that short-lived moment of true creation. The only use a computer has for him, is to record his experiments – afterwards being mixed by Jerome Caron (Blackjoy).In between Night Music and La Visite, Etienne has not been lazy. Not only has he done numerous collaborations (amongst others with Joakim, Richard Pinhas, Francois & The Atlas Mountain) and picked up DJing, he has also recorded a new Zombie Zombie album (Rituels d’un nouveau monde) with Cosmic Neman, as well as the soundtrack Loubia Hamra. And he worked with artist Felicie D Estienne D orves on the installation Satori. At this very moment, Etienne and his saxophone are still part of the tour of James Holden.

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