FunkinEven & Greg Beato – A18


Format – 12″EP ; LTD Edition
Label – Apron
Genre – House ; Disco


A1 – F’s Diss
B1 – B’s Diss

Pure stealth move by Apron Records with this split 12″ from the founder and the excellent Greg Beato the first of several killer records due over the coming months.These obscure edits are soo good that what exactly the originals are is quite secondary to how deadly they’ve become in the scalpels of this trans-Atlantic pair.


A18 is the second release in an unofficial 12-inch series from Apron, which has so far featured an edit apiece from label boss FunkinEven and Devin Dare,and now is Apron alum Greg Beato’s turn.
Compared to each producer’s typically rugged and hard-edged output, A18 is a considerable change of pace, and the shift has its share of upsides.
The jury is still out on who exactly went under the knife for “F’s Diss” and “B’s Diss,” but ambiguity seems to be the point. FunkinEven erases almost all traces of identifiable personality from his A-side, chopping vocals mid syllable and focusing his groove on the source material’s slick, high-stepping transitions. Beato blends his original sounds with the samples so seamlessly that it’s hard to say what’s what. Both methods work in their favor, as they render even the quickest and simplest of details—a record scratch, an enormous sub-bass drop—intensely powerful. The tracks aren’t complimentary per se, but both exude warm, lighthearted dance floor energy, with “B’s Diss” cranking up the BPM, bass weight and melodic scope to anthemic levels. It makes for a colorful pair of edits that hold their own no matter which dusty records they were cobbled from.


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