Greg Beato – Untitled


Format – 12″EP
Label – L.I.E.S
Genre – Techno


A1 – Its a Habit
A2 – Haunting
B1 – F7
B2 – JOJ
B3 – Part 17

Greg Beato’s latest outing delivers five tracks of deep and ominous techno that burn dark and twisted images into the imagination.
This latest release from the Miami-based producer feels like a natural evolution of this sound, taking the listener into even darker territory.


Greg Beato is back on L.I.E.S. and back in top form with this massive 5 tracker. Beato demonstrates his versatility as a producer throughout as we seem him move from melodic house, to electro, to tweaker DJ Rush style psycho beat tracks on this ep. Every song here has its own unique flavor with Beato’s trademark style undeniably present. Needless to say this ranks up there with some of his best work to date and is sure to make a lasting impression on all listeners.

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