Harlem Pop Trotters – Harlem Pop Trotters


Format – LP Album
Label – Kif Recordings  Melodie en Soul
Genre – Jazz Fusion


A1 – Mocassin
A2 – Penwick
A3 – Marathonic
A4 –  Ergocentric
A5 – La Moto Verte
A6 – Psychocross
B1 – Ring Modulator
B2 – Plongée Synthétique
B3 – Kayak
B4 – Cache Catch
B5 – Rugby
B6 – White Beach

In 1975, French producer  François Rolland and A&R Director  Jean-Claude Pierric conceived this album on their Les Tréteaux easy-listening label. Usually they recorded cheesy covers of hits of the day plus some groovy original intrumentals. But this album is a groovy and funky jazz rock masterpiece. Grab it if you can, it has been reissued .

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A Jazz Rock and Funk fusion masterpiece, this lost holy grail has been reissued for your listening pleasure. Harlem Pop Trotters is an ensemble of terrifying good musicians and producers,like Jean Claude Pierric, which might ring a bell if youre into obscure library music.While the original 75 release fetches hundreds on the market get this official reissue while its around..its absolutely fantastic.

Check it out !

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