Kevin Saunderson – History Elevate 1

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Format – 12″ EP
Label – Planet E
Genre – Techno


A1 – Till We Meet Again (Carl Craig Remix)
B1 – Bassline (Loco Dice Remix)

Two great tracks from the Saunderson oeuvre deftly remixed by two great artists at the top of their respective games. This one’s worth your money.


‘Till We Meet Again’ finds Craig in peak time form with a slow burner of a remix that builds and builds just when you want it to. It’s deceptively simple: a Moroderish synth nags constantly throughout, arpeggiated strings drift in and out, while the vocal is just a euphoric call to arms, a scream from the void. I don’t quite know why, but this music makes me think of taking drugs, lots of drugs, and the great thing about it is that it’s constituent elements all fall into place just when you want them to. Great kick too.

Follow that, Loco Dice. And he does so with aplomb. This is the track that’s been in my head every morning I’ve been commuting to my, ahem, real job. The bass is present and correct of course, and there’s also a warm, tropical feel that characterises all of Dice’s productions. The insistent tribalism of the track is nicely enhanced by an omnipresent, slightly off-key melody, while a lubricated backdrop looms large to adds to the clammy feel.

Not Bad For a Record !

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