Lard Free – III


Format – LP Album ; Reissue ; Limited Edition
Label – Wah Wah Records
Genre – Rock ; Psychedelic ; Cosmic Prog

Tracklist –

A1 – Spiral Malax
B1 – Synthetic Seasons Pt1
B2 – Synthetic Sessions Pt2
B3 – Synthetic Seasons Pt3

Third and last Lard Free Lp, originally recorded in 1977.Another step forward in Gilbert Artman’s constant evolution in the use of the recording studio as an aditional instrument that offers a whole lot of creative possibilities. The results are amazing!


Dark, electronic space-rock minimalism at it’s best. That could be a good way to describe Gilbert Artman’s third album with “Lard Free” from 1977. This fine record starts of with the 17-minute piece “Spirale Malax”, which kind of gives you the feeling of beeing lost in a snowstorm while on acid. The speaker-to-speaker effects here are brilliant and almost gives you an illusion of spinning around (at it’s full effect while listening with head-phones!). Swirling, pulsating synthesizers and electronics with drums and electric guitar. Yum!
Side two: “Synthetic Seasons” – in three parts . This piece is quite reminiscent (in feeling) of Ennio Morricone’s early 70’s horror-film music (particularly his soundtrack for the 1971 movie “Il Gatto A Nove Code”). Trance-inducing, atmospheric genius with heavy synthesizers and electronics just as on the first half, but also with a more subtle section of clarinet and piano. For lovers of kraut-rock, space-rock, 60’s/70’s electronic and minimalism.

Not Bad For a Record !

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