Leong Lau – That Rogeng Sound


Format – LP ALbum ; Reissue ; Limited Edition
Label – Left Ear Recordings
Genre – Jazz Fusion ; Soul ; Funk


A1 – Another Morning
A2 – Salem Abdullah
A3 – That Rongeng Sound
A4 – Nature Reincarnate
B1 -Flight Of The Phoenix
B2 – Hold It Out
B3 – City Bleus
B4 – Naga Rock Music

Rare Australian Funk/jazz/blues Lp From 1977. Limited Edition Of 500 Copies.


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Until recently Leong Lau’s records of the 1970s were well kept secrets of only the most avid Australian record collectors. Left Ear Records, along with the help of Leong, are proud to give collectors a chance to add That Rongeng Sound to their collection. Leong’s unique Malay-jazz-meets-Aus-funk identity, takes listeners on a journey through funky beats and flowing melodies and is the reason the album is arguably one of the most innovative and exciting Australian funk/jazz albums. This reissue of the original 1977 LP is limited to just 500 copies and comes in a high quality tip on gatefold featuring original artwork and a brief biography on the enigma himself – Leong Lau.

Not Bad For a Record !



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