Levon Vincent – Solemn Days


Format – 12″ EP
Label – Deconstruct Music
Genre – Dub Techno ; House


A1 – Solemn Days
B1 – Polar Bear

One of Levon’s most in demand 12″s finally re-pressed !

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“Solemn Days” comes first, though, and it’s the stunner of the duo, knocking together floppy metal synths, a ship’s malfunctioning fog horn and a beat you might call hard house—if that term didn’t have such terrible connotations. It’s somehow a song that you play at peak-time, and one that you play to slowly slide out of that mode as well due to its generous outro. But that’s Vincent in a nutshell—at the moment, at least—a man whose productions can’t quite be called anything except Levon Vincent music. It’s a rare, and special, place to be.

Not Bad For a Record

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