Liquid Liquid – Optimo


Format – 12″EP
Label – 99 Records
Genre – Funk; Alternative


A1 -Optimo
A2 – Cavern
B1 – Scrapper

Classic Ep from Liquid Liquid that established themselves as one of the most forward thinking bands in New York’s downtown scene some 20 years ago, so much so that little of their work sounds dated today.Most recently Liquid Liquid have been cited by the likes of James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem as a major influence, and it was easy to see the influence that their four year period has had on punk-funk and more recent electronic music.


History lesson, as if you needed it. NewYork homosexuals on acid, bootlegged so many times it makes my head hurt just thinking about it. Two biggest tunes of course here are “cavern” for the formative role it played in the creation of “White Lines” – when hip-hop still delighted in co-opting the unfamiliar and unknown into transformative situations. “Optimo” has evidently spawned a genius, infamous night out in bonny scotland, and still does everything right – for all the bands who have tried to imitate this record recently, and lord knows there’s been too many of them, for all the people who’ve ripped the break – this record has it all. We defy you not to play it and begin grinning all over your face. The original funk-punk record then, and here it is restored to the original glory, great sleeve, u.s. packaging, even the pressing sounds as good as an original, only less crackly than the ones which would take you for an arm and a leg on the net.

Recommended !

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