Majestys Pleasure – Majestys Pleasure Volume 4: DJD Edits


Format – 12″ EP
Label – Majestys Pleasure
Genre – Disco ; Edits


A1 – New Horizons
A2 – Space Palace
B1 – Lokomotiv
B2 – Final Exit

Majestys Pleasure Vol 4 focuses fully on music from the post-disco /proto-house period of the 1980s and sounds very much like a Beautiful Swimmers DJ set condensed into just 12 inches of vinyl.

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The Majestys Pleasure label returns after an extended break with their fourth issue of disco-centric edits and its clear the time out of the spotlight has left this mystery bunch of dusty fingered tweakers fully refreshed. Whilst previous volumes have dipped toes in funk filled and Philly string led waters.The concerted diggers out there will be consulting their sample notes for the source material on each of these (Space Palace has the most obvious hook) whilst those whove simply been enjoying output from the intermittent EROS label will love both sides here

It sounds like this !


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