Mall Grab – Alone


Format – 12″EP
Label – Shall Not Fade
Genre – Electronic, Deep House


A1 – Happiness
A2 – Orange County
B1 – Alone
B2 – Real

Mall Grab rounds of the year with another sumptuous selection of tracks that should please anyone who likes their deep house warm, dubby and trippy.
Mall GrabM


The Alone EP is the debut release on new Bristol imprint, Shall Not Fade. Mall grab combines elements of techno with head in the sky synths to create his own take on Lo-Fi house. The originality of his production has seen him get numerous releases in 2015, with most of the records selling out at an astonishing rate.
 Every track on the EP showcases raw upfront drum patterns which are the perfect contrast to the floating, and slightly distorted vocals that make the atmosphere seem dreamy. The first track on the EP, ‘Happiness’, incorporates ever-changing high-end rhythms and lazy pads that add massive width to the track. ‘Orange County’ features a consistent hazy vocal that makes this the perfect Sunday afternoon theme jam to sooth your soul while recovering from the weekend.
 Both tracks on the B-side are carried by more syncopated style drum rhythms that show the darker side of Mall Grab’s production. ‘Alone’ moves more quickly, with percussion being the central focus as opposed to a vocal or synth line. ‘Real (Dawn Mix)’ how ever brings the vocal back into play with a more techno-based pattern and features percussive elements which unquestionably support the darker vocal. Having gained support from DJs such as Breach, Chaos In The CBD, Laurent Garnier, Moxie and Bradley Zero, combined with Mall grabs current reputation, this release is certainly being received well and attracting the attention behind the decks that it truly deserves.

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