Mark Barrot – Sketches From an Island


Format – 2XLP Album
Label – International Feel Recordings
Genre – Downtempo Chill Out


A1 – Baby Come Home
A2 – Dr Nimms Garden of Intrigue and Delight
A3 – Go Berri be Happy
B1 – Essene
B2 – Formentera Headspace Blues (Pts. 1 & 2)
C1 – Deep Water
C2 – Island Life
C3 – Back to the Sea
D1 – Sacred Islands

Balearic Ambient at its purest form.


The album finds it centerpiece in the six-minute “Deep Water,” arguably Barrott’s finest creation to date. This one opens with the pink-sky tones of dawn, pattering hand drums, a flute melody and a new age piano line that hums with a patient, blissful blur. As the piano slowly gains speed and synths hover overhead, time begins to dissolve, the way it does lying flat under the first cloudless day of the spring.

As Sketches From An Island moves toward its finale—the far-away slide guitar, sounds of ocean surf and twinkling synthesizers of “Back To The Sea”—Barrott withdraws almost completely with the birds and piano of “Sacred Islands.” It’s a poignant final look at this sonic snapshot Barrott’s so deftly created, and one that nods to the timeless ease of his vision.

Not Bad For a Record.

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