Nicolas Jaar -Space is Only Noise


Format -LP Album
Label – Circus Company
Genre – Downtempo ; Electronic


A1 – Être
A2 – Colomb
A3 – Sunflower
A4- Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust
A5 – Keep me There
A6 – Problems with the Sun
A7 – Space Is Only Noise If You Can See
B1 – Almost Fell
B2 – Spectres of the Future
B3 – Trace
B4 – Variations
B5 – Être

Nicolas Jaar’s debut album brilliantly showcases his distinct musical voice, offering up a scratchy, bluesy audio tapestry that’s nothing less than sublime.Jaar just goes to show how the rise of electronic music has changed the path of musicians.


For an album so clearly concerned with cohesion and a sustained narrative, it seems almost foolish to try to tease apart highlights. Space is, first and foremost, a full-length statement, and one of the best you’re likely to hear all year. Remove any of its tracks, resequence any portion, and it would feel like a film poorly recut by the studio.

This is a dance album you can’t dance to, an album of 14 tracks that works better as a whole, and an album that exists within its own world and takes a while both to get into and emerge from. Colomb is womblike, all drip-feed beats and muffled clicks, while I Got a Woman combines a vocal sample from the Ray Charles song of the same name with extravagant piano flourishes and rib-rattling, slo-mo beats. Elsewhere, the title track is as close to straight pop as Jaar gets, whilst the chilly Balance Her in Between Your Eyes is hauntingly lovely. An album to escape in.

Not Bad For a Record!

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