Osamu Kitajima – Benzaiten


Format – 12″ LP Album
Label – Antilles
Genre – Psy Rock ; Fusion ; World Music


A1 – Benzaiten (God Of Music And Water)
A2 -Taiyo (The Sun)
A3 – Tengu (A Long-Nosed Goblin)
B1 – Benzaiten (Repris)
B2 – Whoma (Immortality)

Osamu Kitajima, also known by the pseudonym Justin Heathcliff, is a Japanese musician, producer, composer and multi‑instrumentalist. He fuses japanese folk music with psychedelic rock and jazz textures.Released in 1976, Benzaiten was his first long player and its a masterpiece in its genre !

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This is truly a world fusion – a melting pot of Western rock and Japanese indigenous music. Very few have pulled it off so well as Kitajima does here. Either they fall prey to new age sappiness, or worse, move towards amateurish exploitation. This is a serious work, and the type of rock influenced world music that still hasn’t been explored much at all.

Just listen to that tabla on ‘Taiyo – The Sun’, mixed to sound like disco “pow pows” before they even existed, Kitajima’s Japanese folk vocal combined with low-droning organ, multi-tracked voices and patient guitar. It really is a piece to ponder on, philosophical, precise, like little drops of rain hitting an almost perfect ocean and shimmering outwards. ‘Tengu – A Long Nosed Goblin’ somehow tops this, prog-rock eastern style, contained within itself, it emerges like a caterpillar into a butterfly, again it is a precise highly dignified and authentic piece, fusion at its most promising, least obnoxious, woodwinds, chimes, and lingering sound affects the steam that rises from this cauldron. One cannot possibly imagine Kitajima cavorting on Sunset Strip, that naturally is meant as a compliment, his closing ceremony ‘Whoma’ confirms his presence among far worthier domains.

Not Bad For a Record !

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