Oskar Offermann – Le Gran To Do


Format – 2xLP Album
Label – Mule Musiq
Genre – Electronic ; House


A1 – August 14
A2 – Find Yourself
A3 – Carol’s Howl
B1 – Banunanas
B2 – Embrance The Condition
C1 – Les Doors
C2 – I Wonder
D1 – Koleu
D2 – Stormy Past
D3 – Understandable

Le Grand To Do offers a unique, experimental take on deep house, with Offerman blending a multitude of influences and inspirations,a pleasant album to hear that also has some dancefloor arguments.
Nice artwork cover by Emi Winter.


Oskar Offermann’s new album is called “Le Grand to Do” and most tracks he produced in 2014 – a year in which Offermann started to eat part time vegan and dived deeply into himself through meditation. the desire for peace did not only emerge to compensate his wild and sleepless life as a dj. also his interest in new age music made him listen more to his inner voice. the tracks he produced during this period of introspection have been crafted with a very disciplined mode of operation on cheap drum machines like an alesis hr-16, a boss dr660, a yamaha rx 70, computer and other synths. they groove with modern rhythms, have breaks to shake up your senses and to make you dance even if you never moved your feet before. all works like spaceship to a different galaxy or just as a little helper that guides physical energies into new paths. you can hear his shaking past as a drummer and lover of hip-hop breaks in tricky tracks like “i wonder” or “find yourself”. with gems like “carol’s howl” or “banunanas” he serves house that massages body and mind deeply. vocal samples float around, heartfelt chords bewitch and gently melodies pop up to twist the senses. and even if new age heavily influenced all – in first place his new record is made for the dancefloor. it relieves tension, spreads meditative energy and delivers emotions that stay. Forever.

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