Pavel Milyakov – Yalta


Format – LP Album
Label – Gost Zvuk
Genre – Electronic Techno


A1 – Ochhre
A2 – Dungeon
A3 – Silent E
A4 – Styx Vol3
A5 – Synthopia
B1 – Nuttech
B2 – Loop Nov 25
B3 – Warm Wind
B4 – AfterWheel Sept
B5 – Gold Baby
B6 – Yalta Sea Blues

Just as Yalta is a principle holiday destination, this is a record with those exact transportive qualities. A getaway to the relaxing reaches of the coast, a space for meditation and disconnect – there’s a constant reminder that these idyllic moments are often all too brief within this album – one punctuated with flashes of energy and a certain exploratory quirk.


Ever since their first white labels started to appear a few years back, we’ve been big, bigs fans of Russia’s Gost Zvuk label. That’s because, aside from all the gnarly artwork, these guys are doing things on their own agenda: the sounds on these records are recognisable and yet different. Different in their approach, their style, and their message. On this Pavel ‘BUTTECHNO’ Milyakov debut, a record that sounds like it’s been made by a veteran, we here shards of techno, but the genre is only used as a means of expression, one means to an end in terms of tying these alien sonics together under one groove. We won’t describe this music in detail because it simply must be heard to be understood. Don’t miss it, and check the rest of the label out, it’s all solid gear.

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