Piero Umiliani – La Ragazza Fuoristrada


Format – Lp Album ; Reissue
Label – Schema
Genre – Jazz ; Funk ; Fusion


A1 – Volto Di Donna
A2 – Nostalgia
A3 – Nostalgia
A4 – Volto Di Donna
A5 – Nostalgia
A6 – Volto Di Donna
B1 – Le Ore Che Contano
B2 – Volto Di Donna
B3 – Il Tuo Volto
B4 – La Rinuncia
B5 – Cantata Per Miriam
B6 – Volto Di Donna

Classic Italian library/lounge style remastered and reissued !Piero Umiliani becomes jazzy, funky, exotic as hell and adorned with the occasional electronic flourish or wonderful female vocal by Zeudi Araya, the woman from the covers and star of the films, as well as Miss Ethiopia 1969.There just isn’t a bad track here. And with 24 tracks in all, there is a lot of variety on this record, from psychedelic sex chuggers to not-of-this-earth romantic ballads.

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Classic Italian library/lounge style remastered and reissued with bonus CD copy and obi-strip** “This is the second movie with Zeudi Araya, filmed in a hurry to take advantage of the success of the previous “La ragazza dalla pelle di luna”. “La ragazza fuoristrada”, set between Egypt and Ferrara, deals in an unusual way with the theme of racial integration, still considered a taboo at the time especially in remote Italian provinces. Despite the fact that the title evokes the legendary Dune Buggy (the main character, Luc Merenda, is a journalist who goes to Egypt to test it), this is not an action movie but on the contrary is an intimate and thought provoking portrait. Once again Piero Umiliani’s music adds melancholy to the evocative scenes (“Il tuo volto”, “Volto di donna”, “Nostalgia”, presented here in different versions), without neglecting important sound variations like in “Senza tregua”, years ahead of the James Taylor Quartet and acid jazz, or “La rinuncia”, a wonderful rock theme with the Hammond organ. Araya’s voice, in addition to her mysterious and sophisticated beauty, is also worth mentioning. She sings two songs in the movie, “Oltre l’acqua del fiume” in Italian and “Maryam” in Amharic, which for some reason have not been included in the vinyl soundtrack.”


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