The Residents – Not Available


Format  – LP
Label     – MVD Audio
Genre    – Experimental ; Avant Garde


A1 – Part One – Edweena
A2 – Part Two – The making of a soul
B1 – Part Three – Ship’s a going down
B2 – Part Four – Never known questions
B3 – Epilogue


In 1978, the “official” word was that The Residents had stated that Not Available could never be released…


Originally recorded as a follow-up to 1974’s Meet the Residents. However, following the Theory of Obscurity, it was immediately locked away in a bank vault with no plans to issue it until the members of the band had completely forgotten about its existence. It did surface in 1978 due to continued delays on the Eskimo album and the Cryptic Corporation’s desire to have some sort of Residents release, as the re-release of the single “Satisfaction” the same year had garnered some attention in Europe. The album itself is a dense concept album featuring a more musical and cohesive approach than that found on most Residents albums from the 1970s.

Not Bad for a Record !

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