Sadar Bahar – Tik Tok/At the Concert


Format – 12″EP ; Limited Edition
Label – Kalakuta Soul Records
Genre – Disco ; Funk


A1 -Tik Tok
B1 – At the Concert

Jazz-funk-meets-disco soul flex of A-side “Tik-Tok”. It’s loose and groovy, of course, but just loopy and bouncy enough to interest house heads as well as disco-soul diggers. Flip for “At The Concert”, a deliciously stretched-out chunk of instrumental soul-jazz business that comes complete with some seriously heavy trumpet solos.

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For the second time, Sadar Bahar has managed to convince a label to reward his musical sophistry with an actual 12inch. For the kind of disco-productions made by Sadar Bahar, a release on vinyl is the ultimate release. It’s not really about releasing longer tracks or trying to preserve them in greater quality than a 45 RPM provides. Instead, the record’s actual grooves are further away from each other, allowing for a bigger volume and broader dynamics. Without these extras, this music wouldn’t make much sense, considering that disco used to be the world to its followers, the same way that electronica has taken over. On the one hand, the bass is so heavy that it pulls you down to earth and grounds you, while on the other hand, the upper hertz-range can be lifted even higher through tremolo head voice and horns. With a production both smooth and prickly, both edits have the quality and authenticity of the originals while still coming along as modern in 2015. Hence, it’s not surprising that Sadar Bahar’s »Chicken Wing Edits« is worth more than ten times its original price today, despite having been released only five years ago. When listening to this record in comparison, it’s obvious that no investment council is needed – the interest rate development will be a very similar one.

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