The Doors – Live At The Bowl ’68


Format – 2xLP Gatefold
Label – Elektra/Doors Music Company/Rhino Records
Genre – Rock ; Psychedelic


A1 – Start Show/Intro
A2 – When The Music’s Over
A3 – Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar)
A4 – Back Door Man
A5 – Five to One
B1 – Back Door Man (Reprise)
B2 – The Wasp (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)
B3 – Hello I Love You
B3 – Moonlight Drive
B4 – Horse Latitudes
B5 – A Little Game
B6 – The Hill Dwellers
B7 – Spanish Caravan
C1 – Hey, What Would You Guys Like To Hear?
C2 – Wake Up
C3 – Light My Fire
C4 – Light My Fire (Segue)
C5 – The Unknown Soldier
D1 – The End (Segue)
D2 – The End

Totally restored and remastered version of their July ’68 appearance at the Hollywood Bowl,hailed as a sort of crowning achievement.


For years the go-to example of The Doors live on film, their July ’68 appearance at the Hollywood Bowl has been hailed as a sort of crowning achievement. Perhaps finding someone brave enough to want to professionally film one of their notorious concerts was something of a coup (Jim Morrison had already been arrested on stage the previous December); in the event, however, there were no riots, no arrests, just a solid band and Jimbo burping in the middle of When The Music’s Over’s silent bit.

Either running from pressure or looking to make a mischief of himself, Morrison had dropped acid before the show, subsequently turning in a slight performance even as Ray, Robbie and John tried to light fires underneath him. Notably, however, he seems kind of contented. A week later, Waiting For The Sun hit the shelves, starting a critical backlash that would only intensify towards the end of the decade, while Morrison became an ever-more-unstable frontman, finally giving it up for good in the middle of original foursome’s final performance together in December 1970.

This Hollywood Bowl comes restored with songs long thought lost to technical gremlins at the time. It might not be the most incendiary Doors concert you’ll ever hear, but it’s perhaps a fondly remembered feast of friends.


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