The Mystery Kindaichi Band – The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi


Format – Lp Album ; Reissue ; Limited Edition
Label – Chat Noir
Genre – Disco ; Funk


A1 – Theme Of Kohsuke Kindaichi
A2 – Yatsuhakamura (Eight Village Grave)
A3 – Masquerade
A4 – Honjin Murder
A5 – Island Prison (Gokumonto)
B1 – Temari (Song Of The Devil)
B2 – Tragedy Of The Maze House
B3 – Devil Blows The Whistle
B4 – Three Neck Tower
B5 – Inugamy Family

Limited Edition reissue of a rare masterpiece musical illustration of a horror series of novels eventually turned into a TV show. From the drop of the needle on the 1st track all the way to the end of the LP, this record is all killer with minimal filler. Expect funky horn arrangements, haunting female vocals, crisp drums, and a hint of psych with fuzz guitar.

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Rare japanese killer jazz funk breaks! Released in 1977,The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi is a jazz funk disco hybrid featuring superior production and arrangments. The television show’s reportedly ghoul-centric theme resulted in some spectral synth work to go with the Mystery Kindaichi Band’s bass slapping and some wild, driving breakdowns. In its softer moments, The Adventures is strummy, smooth boogie, the stuff of fuzzy-lensed nostalgia montages. An excellent listen whether you’re going to solve a murder mystery, or just wanna smoke some weed and sample it for a rap instrumental.

Not Bad For a Record!

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