Tumblack – Tumblack


Format – LP Album
Label – Not On label
Genre – Funk ; Disco ; World


A1 – Fracas
A2 – Invocation
A3 – Jubile
A4   Vaudou
B1   Parlement
B2   Waka
B3   Caraiba   Intro
B4   Caraiba
B5  Chunga Funk
B6  Bauteau La Passe

Classic afro gem.

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This is one of these scarce albums from the era of discofunk and electronics which is based on an ever pulsating carpet of percussive rhythms and every once in a while features melodic yet rhythm oriented chants instead of the typical lead vocals that come with your average pop tunes. At least not at the beginning of the record. With the time more and more elements of the pop music of those days join together with the wild and hypnotic rhythmical patterns of black African origins. Around the middle of this album the rather melodic chants riding on the polyrhythmic base of congas, bongos, rattles and other sources of sound take a turn into a rather shamanic and ritualistic barking and yelling which conjures a simmering and smouldering atmosphere. This part of the album which switches off your mind with its primitive feel and repetitive structures discharges into the final section where lush disco pop and funk arrangements welcome you back in the western civilization. Utterly intoxicating melodies and fiery rhythms will make sure you float on a pink cloud through the place you’re in while spinning this strange vinyl. The way it develops is surely unique and the fusion of Western pop and African ritual dances generates an over sexualized mood and a tension you can only relief by moving your body to the beat. The great thing with „Tumblack“ is that what we get to listen to is all handmade music by truly gifted musicians. We speak of nothing less but a late 70s dance music masterpiece that reaches so far beyond the average disco music.



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