Unknown Artist – Cobra Edits Vol 1


Format – 12″EP
Label – Cobra Records
Genre – Deep House


A1 – BTTBeat (Cobra Edit
A2 – TDoMax (Cobra Edit)
A3 – P165 (Cobra Edit)
A4 – ExtDry (Cobra Edit)

Nice little sampler of bangin mid-nineties booty slammers. A few classic tunes from Thomas Bangalter’s Roule get a respin, whilst Sound Design’s ‘Bounce To The Beat’, a Todd Terry classic, also gets the chop treatment.


With an unknown origin and producer,this 4 tracker EP is all killers and no fillers made up of edits from some recognizable 90s tunes.Be sure to have this little secret weapon ready on your record bag and shelves!
Check it out !

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