Bernard Fevre – Cosmos 2043


LABEL – Alter K
GENRE – Electronic,Downtempo,Experimental


A1 – Space Team
A2 – Nº 59018
A3 – Central Way
A4 – Satellite 33
A5 – Ronde Interstellaire
A6 – Cimes Eternelles
A7 – Le Monde Avait 5 Ans
B1 – Moon Heart
B2 – Sunshine On March
B3 – Stars Away
B4 – Earth Message
B5 – 2043
B6 – Odyssée

Probably one of the best Bernard Fèvre album, pretty similar to his Strange World released on IM Library, between minimal space-age, ambiant, the whole album is fantastic with such an unique sound that you won’t find on any others french electronic library.


Cosmos 2043 (released in 1977) is best known for “Earth Message,” which was sampled in “Got Glint” by The Chemical Brothers. The cover is a rather naïve drawing that I drew myself because I have little talent there. I like the idea of abstraction in my work: “Skeeze” and “Weekee Way” are words that have no inherent meaning, like music in general. But if you have a working brain (and you aren’t a robot), these words will indicate a direction, suggest an image, evoke a feeling, or make you laugh. Art can touch the mind, body, heart, and even the feet! For the title, I chose the date 2043 rather haphazardly – it had to indicate a distant time, far away. I imagine that in 2043 life will be harder and the weather much warmer, and truthfully I do not know… unless a fairy comes along…

Bernard Fevre


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