Black Devil Disco – Disco Club


LABEL – Alter K
GENRE – Electronic,Disco,Cosmic


A1 – “H” Friend
A2 – Timing, Forget The Timing
A3 – One To Choose
B1 – We Never Fly Away Again
B2 – Follow Me (Instrumental)
B3 – No Regrets

Bernard Fevre’s Black Devil Disco club remains one of the most iconic albums in dance music history. It’s a cult record; adored by the underground.


Aphex Twin’s 2004 reissue/reworking of the super obscure 1978 Black Devil Disco Club heralded the rediscovery of Bernard Fevre as an unsung electronic music pioneer. Subsequent BDDC releases like 2011’s Circus (which featured collaborations with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa and Nancy Sinatra) and 2013’s Black Moon, White Sun further affirmed the devil-masked Fevre’s entrancingly ominous take on Eurodisco, and haven’t diluted the impact of this first fully authorized, complete and untainted reissue of the original EP.


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