Buttechno – 7


LABEL – Colapsing Market
GENRE – Techno


A1 – Untitled
B1 – Untitled
B2 – Untitled

Milyakov carries on pushing in the right direction,stilly cementing his reputation as one of the few potential game-changers.


Let’s be honest, the heyday of techno is behind us. Surely it is only the through of the wave and there’s still plenty of “underground” material here to compete, give new momentum and potentially lead the revolt to completion. When counting the number of acts that work on throwing off the yoke of lazy, unimaginative 4/4 tropes that plague a good lot of the techno-stamped efforts, the name of Russian producer Pavel Milyakov aka Buttechno obviously comes to mind.

Perfectly aware of that, the French team of Colapsing Market invited the Muscovite up-and-comer to record a spanking three-tracker interlocking iconoclastic big-room burners and more delicately textured ambient-ish incursions.



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