Delroy Edwards – Aftershock


FORMAT – 2xLP Album
GENRE – House,Techno


A1 – Killer Charlie
A2 – Defcon 5
A3 – MMT8 Jam
B1 – Swingin’ The Bitch
B2 – Crazy House
B3 – Under The Eclipse
C1 – Barefoot In The Park
C2 – On My Mind
C3 – Oh Yeah
C4 – Beats
D1 – The Seventh Veil
D2 – Fright Night
D3 – Runnin’
D4 – Aftershock

Where the last few years seen him trading in fuzzed up and slowed down funk, these tracks coolly modulate the energy level between dreamy, gritty house grooves and infectious tracky business; first getting into gear with the warped Gherkin Jerk of Killer Charlie, to cycle thru highlights such as the deep blue stride of MMT8 Jam, the chiming head-high jack of Swingin’ The Bitch, and onto raw-ass early Chi knocks with Barefoot In The Park, a very cheeky edit of a Jamal Moss edit (if we’re not mistaken) in Beat, and some suave low slung sheeeet on Friday Night.


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