A1 – You’re No Good
A2 – Moody
A3 – Ufo
B1 – Earn It
B2 – ESG
B3 – Hey!

ESG ( Emerald, Sapphire, Gold) have been labelled a Post-Punk, No Wave, Dance Rock, Proto-Hip Hop. But really, none of these labels fully capture the spirit of this seminal band from the Bronx.
The band was formed by the four Scroggins sisters and their neighbor, in the late seventies. The story goes that they were given instruments by their musical parents to keep them off the dangerous Bronx streets.
They are known as being one of the most sampled acts in modern day hip hop and dance music and their influence cannot be measured in today’s music.
Although the band still currently tours and performs, their peak was really in the pioneering stages of the early eighties.
This is the debut ep released on 99 Records.
Side one contains tracks they are most renowned for due to them being sampled so often. ‘Youre No Good’ and ‘Moody’ are indeed cult classics.


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