Gamayun ‎– HESP004


Format – 12″ EP
Label – Hesperian Sound Division
Genre – Deep House


A1 – Golden Ration
A2 – Ascension
B1 – Untitled
B2 – Uvolneine

Gamayun now take their talents to Hesperian Sound Division to unfurl more of their delicate, richly musical creations. “Golden Ratio” leads in on stunning jazz piano refrains, edging threads of percussion into the mix with poise that sets Gamayun apart from the rest of the crowd. “Ascension” takes things in a more cosmic direction, all swooping and swooning synth lines beamed in from a distant star. “Untitled” has a more lazy, blues-minded attitude, while “Uvolnenie” edges a little more techno influence into the mix, but truly this is space-age music played by musicians with genuine chops.


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