Gesloten Cirkel – Gesloten Cirkel


LABEL – Murder Capital
GENRE – House,Techno,Acid


A1 – Swedish Woman
A2 – When It’s Late
B1 – Twisted Balloon
B2 – Gesloten Cirkel

Five years on from his first release, we still don’t know very much about Gesloten Cirkel. He’s from Russia and he makes a raw, often ravey, always interesting, blend of old-sounding electro and distinctly modern techno.


Gesloten Cirkel’s first release, a self-titled EP, came on Dutch mainstay I-F’s long-dormant Murder Capital label is a somwhat kitshc approach to tehcno,with surprsing results.One of the distinctive qualities in Gesloten Cirkel productions to date has been an ability to find hooks in the strangest places. On his remix of Conforce’s ’24’, the weight and texture of the over-the-top kick drum is as intoxicating and memorable as the more traditional vocal snippet.