Grace Jones ‎– Nightclubbing


LABEL – Island Records
GENRE – Disco,Soul,Dub


A1 – Walking In The Rain
A2 – Pull Up To The Bumper
A3 – Use Me
A4 – Nihjtclubbing
B1 – Art Groupir
B2 – I’ve Seen That Face Before (Libetango)
B3 – Feel Up
B4 – Demolition Man
B5 – I’ve Done It Again

Nightclubbing was the accumulation of a work-in-progress, the project being Studio 54 habituee and model Grace Jones’ recording career. Having released some largely forgettable disco efforts that operated around the camper end of the spectrum (that’s not giving them all total shade, there’s some good bits and pieces on them plus Tom Moulton has rarely been involved in producing rubbish), but singing about needing a man in the single dimensional form and thus rinsing the gullible homosexual has never really given anyone much of a career. However, her version of ‘La Vie En Rose’ by Edith Piaf from this era was the seed that Island Records boss Chris Blackwell needed. He saw something that could be formidable, and thus set about helping make that a reality.Here it is.


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