Greg Beato – When Monkeys Attack


LABEL – Apron Records
GENRE – Tehcno,Deep House,Electronic


A1 – When Monkeys Attack
B1 – El Dinero FalLa
B2 – Sadatai

Greg Beato returns with another banging 12…


Eccentric Miami producer Greg Beato has always crafted his ramshackle house tracks to be obtuse, whether it’s jokingly or causticly. But for all their noisy obscurities, his best work was still fun, dripping with energy and dance floor dexterity. It’s something When Monkeys Attack could have used more of. Only “El Dinero Falla” is well-suited for DJing, and it’s a proper jam of the punch-drunk, spacey garage variety. This is where all of Beato’s on-the-fly sequencing, rough-cut samples and druggy aloofness come together as charming dance music.


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