Greg Beato – Whos The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here


LABEL – Apron Records
GENRE – Techno,Electro,Deep House


A1 – Intermission
A2 –¬†Who’s The Licho In Charge Ovaa Here
A3 – Dreamin
B1 – Worship These Balls
B2 – Satan’s Daughter Is Back

Yer boy Beato is back with a run of heavy-hitting club shit. As is come to be expected, all tracks sound like they’ve been put through the audial meatgrinder. Maybe they’ve been put through an actual meatgrinder. Absolutely killer.




The EP opens with “Intermission,” a beatless track that’s all synthesised strings and submerged vocal sample. “Who’s the Licho in charge ovaa here” is the EP’s highlight, beginning with a bruising kick drum to which Beato adds a new sound every couple of bars. It remains spacious and vibrant, even as it expands to incorporate a sticky bassline, dreamy pads, open hi-hats and rubbery synth lines. The snares and claps on “Dreamin'” are mucky, but they’re offset by battering-ram kicks and, belatedly, a velvety bassline and jubilant chords. The brilliantly titled “Worship These Balls” is similarly sparse, opening with echoing drum hits and a chirpy synth that makes way for abrasive pads and a sputtering groove. Beato reprises the submerged vocal sample of “Intermission” for “Satan’s Daughter Is Back,” a beatless coda whose centrepiece is an urgent, sawing synth.


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