Henry Wu – Good Morning Peckham


LABEL – Rhytmh Section international
GENRE – Deep House,Jazz,Funk


A1 – Intro (Rhythm & Rice)
A2 – Dubplate Special
A3 – Croydon Depot
B1 – Neezy (Wok)
B2 – Yellow Brick
B3 – Good Morning Peckham

Emerging from a background as a virtuoso session player, and with a small handful of sterling solo and collab releases already under his belt for 22a and Alex Nut’s Ho Tep, Wu is hailed by Rhythm Section as one of the UK’s most hotly-tipped producers and ‘Good Morning Peckham’ proves so in six parts.


Henry Wu is the latest breakout from Peckham’s soulful scene, following the likes of Mo Kolours and Al Dobson Jr. Sometimes, this EP for Rhythm Section echoes his recent turn on Ho Tep—the stoned monologue and cool chords of “Croydon Depot,” in particular, recall Negotiate’s “On The Regular.” Elsewhere, though, Good Morning Peckham directs Wu’s loose and lazy sensibility towards a newly streamlined house sound.

All blissed piano chords and lilting conga, “Intro (Rhythm & Rice)” is built around a spoken word sample, but it’s Wu’s use of live instruments that marks the EP’s best moments. On “Dubplate Special,” a bass guitar turns slinky somersaults over a languid jazz-house groove; “Neezy (Wok)”‘s featherlight breakbeat feels like it’s on the verge of falling apart, spraying out claps and congas in gently uneven patterns. At the EP’s tail-end, Wu twists his artful basslines around sturdier house rhythms: “Yellow Brick” is crisp and thumping, if a tad uneventful, and “Good Morning Pecknaam” is chunkier still. This weightier style isn’t Wu’s strongest look, but he wears it well regardless.



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