IKE – Lost 4 Trax


LABEL – Philpot
GENRE – House,Funk


A1 – Diskadenz
B1 – Docs Edit
B2 – Free to Fly

Three tunes to devastating effect. “Free to Fly,” with moody strings and a surprisingly bumping second half,”Doc’s Edit,” meanwhile, starts with a goof on the record business, and gets even goofier with a vocal sample—”ohpleaseohpleaseohpLEASE, justgivemeonemorechancenow”—that successfully skirts the line between annoying and addictive ably.Perhaps the most versatile one here: “Diskadenz,” A mid-tempo groover with a piano that stays in the picture nearly the entire way through. Ike gives it enough tweaks that it stays interesting, and enough room that its potential as a tool is immediately obvious. In fact, the only question that remains after listening to this is a simple one: With little online presence to speak of and a name that will frustrate the casual google, who the hell is this person?


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