Jan Jelinek – Loop Finding Jazz Records


FORMAT – 2xLP Album, RE
LABEL – Faitiche
GENRE – Ambient,Electronic,Techno


A1 – Moiré (Piano Organ)
A2 – Rock In The Videoage
B1 – They, Them
B2 – Them, Their
B3 – Moiré (Guitar & Horns)
C1 – Tendency
C2 – Moiré (Strings)
D1 – Do Dekor
D2 – Drift
D3 – Poren

In the 15+ years that have elapsed since ‘Loop Finding Jazz Records’ first shuffled out of his ambrosially dusty speakers, Jan Jelinek’s most famous album has acquired an almost mythical status. Originally released via Pole’s defunct Scape imprint, it now finds new life via Jelinek’s own Faitiche label, for a new generation to marvel at one of the finest examples of loop-based electronic music typical of the early noughties.


Taking what reads like a pretty austere set of ingredients, Jelinek’s technique revolves around a trio of elements which consist of second long cuts of 1960’s-70’s jazz recordings, the loop-finding modulation wheel (do your homework!) and the Moiré effect; albeit rendered in the acoustic as opposed to the image and spectral domains.

If all this sounds a bit academic, be assured that on record it is anything but; as crumbling edifices of mealy rhythms slowly pulse into life and swirl around your head like snow storms clashing with a dust devil. Taking sediments of fathom deep static then skimming the best stuff from the top, Jelinek opens through the dampened echoes of ‘Moiré (piano & organ)’ wherein a slow-motion thrum of spiraling clicks, rustles and analogue tones conspire to give the impression of recondite perspectives that extend well beyond the constituent elements.

Elsewhere, ‘Rocky in the Video Age‘ instills a gratuitously optimistic blush to the aquatic micro-sound ebb, ‘Moiré (Strings)‘ is a perfect companion to Basinski’s disintegrating tape archive, whilst ‘Them, Their’ represents an aural crease so sleight you can only catch its distinctive gleam from the corner of your eye.



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