Jitterbug ‎– Workers


GENRE – Deep House,Techno


A1 – Sweet Thooth
A2 – Jus Drums
A3 – Surge
B1 – Ache For You
B2 – Koko
B3 – Trak 6

There is a definite rough-shod quality to the Jitterbug sound, and that comes through in a flash as “Sweet Tooth” kicks off on a broken house groove with a gorgeous bass lick that suggests a whole heap of funk to come. The twangy guitar samples that come in are perhaps not as expected, but they create a satisfying friction with the rasping brute force of the drums, coming off in a perfect celebration of the joys of sampling in house music. We can’t say for sure that an MPC was involved in the production, but that layer of grit can rarely be faked from many other places.


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