Lee Gamble ‎– Koch


FORMAT – 2xLP Album
GENRE – Electronic,Techno,Experimental


A1 – Untitled Reversion
A2 – Motor System
A3 – You Concrete
A4 – Nueme
B1 – Oneiric Contur
B2 – Head Model
B3 – HMix
B4 – Frame Drag
C1 – Voxel City Spirals
C2 – Yehudi Lights Over Tottenham
C3 – Jove Layup
D1 – Ornith-Mimik
D2 – Claudata
D3 – Flatland
D4 – Gillsman
D5 – 6EQUJ5-7

Weighing in at a massive sixteen tracks, there’s lots to explore in KOCH; from the placated thrum of “You Concrete”, to “Oneiric Contur”, which sounds like a series of sparse xylophone tones kept afloat in a sparse mist, shrill keys echoing and drifting about the fog. The liner notes for KOCH states that the LP approaches “music as projection, state, hallucination, an other place”, and it’s in moments like the churning, heartbeat-mimicking bass of “Yehudi Lights Over Tottenham” that this contention makes absolute sense. “Voxel City Spirals” makes it a mission to displace the rhythmic pulse of other tracks, flaring up in obtuse spasms like an angry bundle of swollen nerves. Only at one or two points throughout its duration does KOCH dip into a vacant, nauseous boredom – “Ornith-Mimik” invokes Rene Hell’s obtuse experiments in sound, but risks losing us in its muddled, whirring wind-chime thud.


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