Leonard Cohen – The Future


LABEL -Columbia
GENRE – Pop,Rock,Folk


A1- The Future
A2 – Wainting For The Miracle
A3 – Be For Real
A4 – Closing Time
A5- Anthem
B1 – Democracy
B2 – Light As The Breeze
B3 – Always
B4 – Tacoma Trailer

The Future holds up as a very good album overall, with a unique sound for early 90’s Cohen featuring a nicely cynical touch to his lyrics at best and merely average piano ballad fare at worst. It’s a very mature album thematically, and  a very worthwhile listen.


The Future delivered Cohen into the 90’s, coming after a period of flirtation with the 80’s new wave synthesizer trend with 1988’s I’m Your Man. The melancholic acoustic folk which characterised the days of The Songs of Leonard Cohen are nowhere to be found on The Future, Cohen’s voice having deepened to an exceptionally gravelly baritone whilst the arrangements of the record opt for a vague extension of the new wave feel of it’s predecessor with a modern day lounge/jazz influence dictating it. The opening title track makes this clear from the beginning, most famous for it’s inclusion in Oliver Stone’s 1994 cinematic exercise in tasteless sex, violence and social commentary Natural Born Killers The Future is an infectious blend of organ, smooth basslines and gospel harmonies as Cohen sings of jaded dissatisfaction in a tasteless, dystopic society.


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