Liaisons Dangereuses – Liasons Dangereuses


LABEL – Soulsheriff
GENRE – New Wave,Techno


A1 – Mystère Dans Le Brouillard
A2 – Los Niños Del Parque
A3 – Etre Assis Ou Danser
A4 – Aperitif De La Mort
A5 – Kess Kill Fé Show
B1 – Peut Être … Pas
B2 – Avant-Après Mars
B3 – El Macho Y La Nena
B4 – Dupont
B5 – Liaisons Dangereuses

Completely essential official reissue of THE industrial/EBM classic by Liasons Dangereuses, mixed at Conny Plank’s studio in 1981 by Liaisons Dangereuses and officially unavailable on any format for what seems like forever.



Written and produced by Beate Bartel & Chrislo Haas (aka CH-BB) in 1981, their only album would define a blueprint for so much bare-bones, darkside electronic body music to come, invading and irrevocably influencing discotheques from Cologne and Berlin to Manchester, Chicago and New York with a potent, sexy distillation of disco, punk and latin music that sounded f*ck all like any of them, in effect coining EBM in the process.

The production is stripped down yet anything but lo-fi, using minimal equipment to optimal effect, all taut elastic basslines and jolts of electric percussion laced with killer synth hooks and, of course, urged on by Krishna Goineau’s inimitable, febrile vocals. It’s a masterclass in restraint and dancefloor experimentalism which gave the world one of the best dance tracks ever in ‘Los Niños Del Parque’, but the album’s pleasures run much deeper, from the Jamal Moss favourite ‘Mystère Dans Le Brouillard’ to the stepping missile ‘Etre Assis Ou Danser’ and the Carl Craig favourites ‘Peut Être… Pas’ and ‘Avant-Après Mars’.

You simply can’t talk about the foundations of machine-made dance music without referencing this album.



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