Mall Grab – Pool Party EP


LABEL – Hot Haus Recs
GENRE – House


A1 – Pool Party Music
B1 – B.F.O.D.A.A.S.
B2 – Catching Feelings

Unstoppable Aussie house maverick Mall Grab takes a deep splash with three more premium cuts. “Pool Party Music” is a loopy, jacking slab of raw fun. If it soundtracks any particular time of a pool party it’s when everyone starts pushing each other it. Joyously buzzy. “BFODAAS” takes us back to the earlier chapter of the party where the vibe is warming up, drinks are sliding down and there’s not a cloud in the sky. Finally the warm, rolling bleepy “Catching Feelings” catches the moment where you’re wrapped in a fluffy towel and cuddled up with pool friends old and new. Bliss.

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