Mall Grab – Sun Ra EP


LABEL – Church
GENRE – Deep House,Lo Fi


A1 – Down
A2 – French Girls
B1 – Sun Ra
B2 – Can’t

Four track EP from Australia’s Mall Grab. Finally, we can get our hands on the Alicia Keys-sampling ‘Cant’ – this amazing track samples the US soul songstress, already used by Mala, adding a 4/4 beat to the sublime loop. But thats not all…..3 excellent tracks that are set to give Mall Grab the prominence we knew was imminent!


Sun Ra showcases a wonderful simplicity to Mall Grab’s productions: ambient tones spurred on by powerful kicks and solid 4/4 house grooves, that are just aching to be played out on a big system.

Opener ‘Down’ introduces a stammering kick and soaring melodic keys that lift the record from the depths of the cosmos. Muffled vocal samples, reminiscent of an astronaut communicating with the earth, are added to the mix, giving it a stirring, somewhat ethereal quality perfect for a dazed 7am crowd. Keeping the EP firmly in the heavens comes ’French Girls’. It has the enveloping cosmic warmth of a Traumprinz release, the hollow pitter-patter of the bongos giving expanse to a production hazily submerged in the sounds of a distant chattering crowd.

Picking up the pace, ‘Sun Ra’ posses resounding kick punches, harking back to the sounds of Detroit, yet those glowing ambient beams are everpresent. Aptly closing the EP is 4/4 house roller ‘Can’t’ – smooth R&B vocals from Mala’s Alicia Keys refix are driven by floating tranquil notes. First heard last summer, it oozes sex and emotion and we envisage it will continue into this summer as a staple dancefloor groove.


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