Mekine U Teksi ‎– Postanatolische Hybride – Die Steppenroboter LP


LABEL – Themes For Great Cities
GENRE – Electronic,World Music,Downtempo


A1 – Emigration
A2 – Resistenz
A3- Odysee
B1 – Weltschmerz
B2 – Dissimilation
B3 – Emersion

Newcomers Murat Göktaş & Irfan Derin to deliver their mind expanding take on Turkish techno, Anatolian ambient and Kurdish kosmische. Taking up the challenge without a moment’s hesitation, our dynamic duo synchronized synths, warmed up the drum machines and headed off into the mountains. For thirty long days these prophets lived off the land, using the stars to navigate, the sun to cook and orgonite for everything else. On the fifth day the post-kraut melodies, tremulous bass and tumbling rhythm of “Emîgratîon” came on like a fever dream, tearing their consciousness open with the searing heat of electric saz. “Resîstenz” rumbled out of an arid cave, an ancient vision of a future past painted on crumbling stone by leathery hands; taut percussion, hypnotic bass and the mysterious flute telling of a time before the World was one. “Odyssee” came creeping through the dark, rustling through the undergrowth with sidewinding bass, distant cries and a relentless groove. Thunder rolled and lightening struck, leaving the pulsating frame of “Weltschmerz” glowing in the darkness, bristling with technoid power. On the twenty first day time seemed to stop, reality fractured and the psychedelic groove of “Dîssîmîlatîon” danced through the cracks, pulling the duo through the looking glass and into a land of ecstatic electrodisco. Murat and Irfan were lost, languishing in a place beyond space, time and reason until the post-kraut groove of “Emersîon” provided respite, resolution and rebirth. It was time to come down from the mountains and spread the message.


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