Moritz Von Oswald Trio ‎– Fetch


FORMAT – 2xLP Album
LABEL – Honest Jons
GENRE – Techno,Dub,Jazz


Von Oswald later overdubs Jonas Schoen (flute, clarinet, saxophone) and trumpeter Sebastian Studnitzky to four uniquely fluid and spacious grooves. Converging in jazz-wise dialogue on opener ‘Jam’, Ripatti and Muellbauer’s rhythm section coolly paces the palatial surroundings while trumpet and clarinet speak to the night. ‘Dark’ follows at a pensive stride, checking viscous dread bass, purring FX and percussions picked out of the mix by Von Oswald’s illusive sleight of hand, creating a tension that’s soon resolved by ‘Club’, the LP’s pulsating steppers’ techno centrepiece juxtaposing gravelly drum quirks and a quietly noisy atmosphere against velvet-clad kicks and his ghostly ensemble for twelve minutes. Meanwhile, ‘Yangissa’ closes at a mid-tempo tilt, simmering brass and tumbling nyabinghi-style drums weave in a dub-frayed chamber shuffle, locked-in and hypnotic as you like. If you liked their other LPs, you’ll love this.


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