OL – Scape Border EP


LABEL – Meda Fury
GENRE – Eletronic,Deep House,Downtempo


A1 – Lum Edit
A2 – Around
A3 – Rims
B1 – Myxa
B2 – Poduway
B3 – Melt Down

Dopest deep house electronics from Russian producer OL on the R&S-affiliated Meda Fury label.



After exhibiting some canny chops with his 7″ for Faces Records and a string of 12″ singles for Error Broadcast, the ‘Scape Border’ EP is arguably his highest profile release to date, and also his slickest. It’s still got all the adroit touches we praised in his earlier work, but the vibe is bluer, smokier, cooler. DJs need to check for the itchy, scratchy funk of ‘Lum Edit’, the percolating Chicagoisms of ‘Myxa’, and the scuffed deep house filter treatments of ‘Podumay’, whilst home-listening heads will also find treats in the aquatic trap bounce of ‘Meltdown’, and the gutted but glowing BoC styles of ‘X Pleasure’.



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