Potemkine – Foetus


Format – LP Album RE
Label – Tapioca
Genre – Rock, Fusion


A1 – Foetus
A2 – Zed
A3 – Nuit Sur Le Golan
A4 – Ballade
B1 – Hymne
B2 – Loolitt
B3 – Cedille
B4 – Laure
B5 – Cycles

Potemkine managed to blend in a very good way the basis of Zeuhl music with its prominent bass role and a lighthearted spirit of fusion with some 20th century contemporary music. They this deviate from the norm of “mainstream” Zeuhl, but they manage to deliver an original sound, making them unique in this scene. Potemkine was formed by three brothers from Toulouse – Charles (guitars, piano, vocals), Philippe (drums and percussions, piano) and Michel (piano, vocals) Goubin. They had taken other musicians to fill in the positions of bass, violin and some drumming and percussions parts. They released their first album Foetus in 1975. This album was more influenced by Magma, though it contained the fusion leniency.


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