Ramzi ‎– Phobiza Vol. 3: Amor Fati


LABEL – FAti Records
GENRE – Downtempo,Experimental,Electronic


A1 – Bibwell Intro
A2 – Ya Chaki
A3 – Piton
A4 – Sushini
A5 – Mui Chubbi
A6 – Det Calash
B1 – Tortou
B2 – Evora
B3 – Coeur Cassé
B4 – Oxum
B5 – Warhasu

Since launching her Phobiza trilogy in 2016, RAMZi (AKA producer Phobe Guillemot) has become one of the most talked-about producers on Canada’s distinctly blazed underground scene. Here, she draws the curtain down on the series in predictably impressive fashion with a mini-album that looks further afield for inspiration. While every track offers a distinctive take on her now trademark hazy, colourful and undeniably horizontal sound soup – think chords, sound effects, melodies, field recordings, tape hiss and lots of toasty bass – it’s the myriad of percussion sounds and rhythms that catches the ear. As well as the usual stoned downtempo beats and blazed deep house grooves, you’ll also find nods towards early drum and bass, IDM and African and South American polyrhythms. In short: a yearning, head-in-the-clouds treat.


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